Build a powerful deck and Champion strategy

Draft your Champion team against your opponent

Battle your Champions to defeat all of your opponents

Getting Started

If you are new to the game please check out the How to Play page to get a good overview of how things work. Learn the basics you'll need to build your first deck and play your fist game quickly. If you want to learn a little bit about us and how we've gotten here check our the About page.

Game Currency

Game Currency comes in two forms - Shards & Coin. You will earn Coin as you play the game. Coin is used to purchase Packs of Cards to build your decks with, but will not be for sale or trade otherwise. Shards are bought with real money and are used to unlock cosmetic items. Most cosmetic items will be purchasable via Shards.


Champions are the main key to the game. They are drafted at the beginning of each game in a round robin based on the roll winner. Your Champions will only last until their HP is gone, and once you have removed all of your opponents Champions form the board you will emerge victorious. Check out the Champions page for more details.


There are many different types of cards that you can use to create your deck. The key is to find the mix and strategy that will conquer the board. Where some cards will buff your Champions others will allow you to hamper your opponents strategy in many different ways. Check out the Cards page for more details.

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