About BattleGrid Champions

This game, BattleGrid Champions, is a passion project of mine that I have been working on in parts over the last 6 years. In this time I have taken it from a physical play test game to a digital version with online play. At this time I feel that I've gotten the project up to the point that it's read for players to give it a play. Through this hopefully I can collect some feedback to allow the completion of the project, this will help me take this project out of its' current vacuum.


BattleGrid Champions is a Tabletop CCG

You will command Champions on the BattleGrid to conquer your opponents forces!

There are many different Cards and Strategies you will discover in buidling your Decks


My love for CCGs started around 1995 when I strated to play several CCGs of the time, this passion has still not dwindled.


This is a lot harder to answer, but overall a lot of hardwork and persistance, and a many years of experience doing development and software engineering.

Over the course of time this game has been in development many of my friends have come in to help here and there, without them this would not have made it this far.

Who we are?

Ronald Almeida II

Designer / Developer / Producer

Software Engineer & Clould Maniac by day then SiFi Geek & Gamer by Night.

John de Campos

Creative Director / Artist

Illustrator, musician, founder of Bit Gen Gamer Fest and Baltimore Rock Opera Society. Co-creator/owner of Token Terrors.