DevLog 006 - V0.1.9.9 Almost There!

Todays post is going to be short as time is so limited right now. Instead of doing any posts or updates on the site, I've been spending that time hard at work on this latest version of the game. It's got a lot of new things from the last post. There is a new Game Log that will report what's happening in the game. It helps a-lot now as there are no effects to help give a visual queue that things are happening. The new UI for Cards your hand/graveyard/in-play display has been updated to be easier to use. The Action Stack, Reaction Select and Targeting windows are now draggable. Yet the biggest of them all is that all the cards and champions are done. I'm still doing some hardcore testing on everything but so far the last 2 days everything has been working as expected. Saying all of that to say there is one issue that I'm just not 100% sure what's going on yet, but sometimes the game will just exit to the main menu. It's not consistent which makes tracking it down so much harder. Until more people are playing and engaged in the project, I'm going to have to let it ride. That issue outstanding there isn't much functional work to be done, and most of it can be pushed to the Public Test phase.

I want to wrap today's post up with some words on the Public Test that will hopefully be hitting by the end of Feb. In this version shooting for v0.2 there will be ART! If you've checked out some of the art for the game already, we will be doing that but in 3D. Well not all of it, as much as I can afford to have made, which hopefully will be 2 characters, some generators and the battle scene version 1. This will hopefully start to show how the finished version will look and feel. At least that's my hope.

DevLog 005 - Reflex weekend push results

Here we are, just a day later than I had hoped, but here we are. Progress is still coming along well you can see below of the list of cards I was working on over the weekend. This weekend I was able to fix some issues and even add some new features that will prove very helpful. These cards listed below should be working for you, as always please read the cards to understand how to target for it.

Shield Master I - Target Champion gets +10 Shield, until end of turn, Range 2

Solomon's Coin Flip - Play only on an Action that deals damage. Take a 50/50 chance. If you win: all damage if prevented and the Champion may not perform anymore actions until your next turn. If you lose the damage is doubled instead.

Deflect - Target an Action of Basic Attack or any Action Card, Range 1. Change the Target of the Action, Range 1. If the action has more than one target it now has one.

Magic Shield I - Prevent the next 5 Damage to target Champion, Range 1

Magic Shield II - Prevent the next 7 Damage to target Champion, Range 2

Magic Shield III - Prevent the next 10 Damage to target Champion, Range 2

Master Magic Shield - Prevent the next 8 Damage to up to 3 target Champions, Range 3

Negate - Negate one Basic Attack, Range 2

Redirect - Target an Action with Champion source, Range 2. Change the Target of the Action, Range 2. If the action has more than one target it now has one.

Block - Block one Action, Range 1

Parry - Negate One Basic Attack, Range 2

Taunt - Force Target Champion that is Attacking to Attack this Champion instead, Range 2

Occlude - Obstruct one action (Cancel one Action), Range 2

For more info on updates please check out the Release Notes page to find out all the juicy details. That said, here are some updates on my search for some help on the project. I am working on finding a UX person to help with making the in-game interactions a bit better for everyone. In addition to that John and I will be meeting soon to go over a schedule that will hopefully get some more artwork in a steady pace. Lastly I currently have a few people that have shown some interest in getting involved and helping produce some content. Very exciting times ahead!!! I'll post updates here as they happen.

DevLog 004 - Taunt and the Reflex push

Today's post is very short but will be leading to a bigger post likely Monday. As we saw yesterday some progress was made but Taunt was not fixed, and so we began today. It was really interesting coming back into some of the complexities of the project for instance the targeting system. In one of the last big updates before the development pause last year, the targeting system was updated. This change was what ultimately great but when you don't remember it takes a few tries to get it working. With Taunt working you can now redirect an Attack and then Occlude! That was my next target and is now working, and now I'm set on getting all of the Reflexes working or re-worked as needed.

Taunt - Force Target Champion that is Attacking to Attack this Champion instead, Range 2

Occlude - Obstruct one action (Cancel one Action), Range 2

Alright we have ended the day in a positive flow and hopefully over the next 3 days all of the Reflex cards can be wrapped up and working. If I can meet this goal then next weeks goal will be to get all Actions working/re-worked as needed. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope I see you next week!

DevLog 003 - Card Sync and Taunt

During the last development run, around Aug of 2020, an issue came up with the Discard and In-Play cards not syncing properly between players. The issue was even causing both players to show the same In-Play and Discarded cards, and that is just not going to work. The day started by spinning up a game and getting the initial feel for where I needed to get this sorted. Once I had my game resumed I was able to hit the server logs and start getting to the bottom of the issue. Turns out there was a small issue in the server that was not properly checking for the player. Even testing this gave roughly the same results, so to the client code we dove! The last of our issue for the main issue in sync was found to be another place we didn't factor the player and would always give the local player the Player1 cards.

Taunt - Force Target Champion that is Attacking to Attack this Champion instead, Range 2

Today I wanted to get this card working though spoiler alert I did not. It's on the list for early tomorrow though, and what did get done was a major step to a more stable Action Stack. Each of the current uses of the Action Stack were updated today to reflect the new object based stack. Some of the logic was also updated to reflect the new object based stack allowing the cards to get closer to completion. Next week I will be doing the major name reverse of the Reaction & Reflex cards/happenings. This means you will play Reaction cards now instead of Reflex cards, and the rules will stay the same as Reflexes were. Alternative to that will be when something happens to one of your champions that has a Reflex it will act the same as the Reactions did. Looking at you Callus Hellhound

In closing today things are still moving along and I wanted to point out the addition of 1 more pages with added content;

  • Download will now carry a build of the game in preview, check page for details.
More pages will be added soon Release Notes & Roadmap stay tuned!

DevLog 002 - Oh no! The game server isn't wanting to work!

Last development run everything was working for getting a game started, or was it. One thing about this project is that even though I can do the work needed to make it happen, it is still a big project for one person. Alas me to come in and rescue... well me! YAY!

Turns out my issue was in one of the last major changes I was in the middle of when I had to stop. The sync data was not as inclusive as it needed to be, to the point that when you tried to start a game it wouldn't allow you past the roll. After a bit of digging and debug I discovered that the few parts of the game I stopped syncing in fact were needed for the draft. With that updated I was able to get a game up and running - champions moving/attacking/playing some cards. Some issues where abilities were not triggering properly and events were not resuming as expected between game sessions. All of which are on the list of TODO items as I continue on the path to Public Test!

DevLog 001 - New Website & full steam going strong!

Welcome to the new site for the soon to be available BattleGrid Champions. the new Tabletop CCG that will have to planning your next move in your sleep! This game has been in the works for going on 6 years, and I am very close to having a release that is ready for Public Testing. I use this term because I need some help from the gaming community to progress my game along its path to maturity. Over the last 6 years the game has evolved much from the physical prototype to the early HTML5 version to the 3D version of the game we have today. The game will always be Free-to-Play with Cosmetic transactions, so anyone playing today will still be able to play when I release without paying anything. All of this being said for anyone able to help the project along with their pocket please check out our Patreon. Please take a note that the Tokens described on the Patreon will be explained in detail later on the site, but here is the short version. Tokens will be used to purchase limited Cosmetics that are only available with the Tokens. For instance; if there is a Test Legion Skin then you will be able to purchase it for Tokens. Any help here will first go to the servers to make sure they stay up and then to help me keep my household in what order it can be. If you have some skills like 3D Modeling or 3DFX and want to join a very small team send me Something and let's see if we can work together.

My goal with the game is to provide a fun and free way to enjoy a strategy CCG. As a kid I played the still going Magic: The Gathering CCG made by Wizards of the Coast. This game captivated me in a way that I still enjoy the game from time to time. I want to capture the fun I had playing a game like this, but take away the paywall.

Thank you for checking out the site and please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.