• Download the zip
  • Extract to where you want to run the game
    • eg. C:\Games\BGC (windows)
    • eg. /Users/username/Games/BGC (mac)
    • eg. /home/username/Games/BGC (linux)
  • from the location open the BattleGrid Champions executable to play
    • .exe for Windows
    • .app for Mac
    • .x86_64 for Linux
  • You will need to signup or login once you've started the game
  • Your first login will grant you 1,200 GCoins
  • These coins can be used in the Store to buy Packs of cards
  • Buy Packs and open to build a Deck with the Deck Builder
    • don't be too worried about your deck, it will evolve as you learn the game
  • Once you have a deck ready you are ready to Battle!


  • Windows/Linux/Mac (very new Linux and Mac support)
  • 1920x1080p resolution - as not all the UI is scaled and ready for different screens
  • Most computers should be able to run the game, most of the heavy lifting is in the server