How to Play

Here we are going to cover the basics to get you started with BattleGrid Champions

You'll learn from the 3 main aspects of the game Build, Draft, Battle

The core of BattleGrid Champions

battle it
out until
the end

Quick Start Guide

Here is what you need to know to get going in a game of BattleGrid Champions quickly.

Drafting a Champion
Placing a Champion on the Board
Playing a non-Board Item Card (always on a Champion)
Champion Basic Attack

Gameplay Overview

Before we jump into many details lets take a high level view of what the gameplay is like in BattleGrid Champions.

As you play each of your turns you will control 1 or more Champions and give them commands that will allow them to interact in many different ways. As you command your Champions you may want to play Cards to help them in battle like giving Increased Attack or a new pair of boots to increase your armor or maybe even just a quick Potion to help things along.

How do all these cool things happen? Power Generators! Which is measured in AP (Action Points). Off the bat you will allways have a minimum 3AP that you can use as you see fit. Once per turn you can spend 3AP to Roll and place a generator that will increase your MAX AP from 1AP to 5AP. The more generators and MAX AP you have, the more you will have to spend each turn.

Each player will take their turns giving commands to each of their Champions until only one players' Champions remain.


A deck in BattleGrid Champions can have up to 4 copies of any Card, unless the Card says otherwise.

Decks should have at least 40 cards total to be playable.

When building your Deck you will want to keep in mind the Champion you will want to Draft to pull off your Strategy.

When a Card has been used it is put into the Discard Pile.

Card Types

Actions are always played on one of your Champions, you may not directly play Cards on your Opponents' Champions

Actions are one time Abilities that Champions can use per the card text.

Actions are only playable during your turn, and not during the Reaction Stack.

each Action has it's own Range stated on the Card, this is the Range that will be used for selecting Targets from the Champion for the Card.

Actions have Type requirements, the Any Action is playable by any Champion Type, otherwise the Types must match.

Reflex (soon to be Reaction)

Reflexes allow you to respond to things that are happening on the board around your Champions.

Reflexes are only playable during the Reaction Stack, and only in response to another players actions.

you can only play one Reflex at a time, but you can respond each time you are within Range.

Reflexes are only available to a given Champion if they are within 0-3 spaces of the Source.


Items come in various forms and last for a temporary amount of time, each duration is on the Card.

Items are playable during your turn and during the Reaction Stack.

  • Potion Items will boost a Champions Stats in one way or another and may even provide a temporary passive ability.

  • Shield Items are used to give a boost to Shields

  • Orb Items will give a boost to your Magic Champions

  • Trinket Items will give your Champion a Passive or Active Ability

Only 1 Item can be Active on a Champion at a given time (unless otherwise stated on the Card and/or Champion), and the last Item played will become the Active Item.

If an Item is removed from a Champion before the end of the stated turns, any When Ends effect will NOT trigger


Armor will give your Champions a benefit while they are Equiped.

Armor comes in 6 forms; Chest, Legs, Head, Feet, Hands, Back.

Armor focus on help with Defensive skils, and will sometimes help with Offensive skills.

Armor is playable during your turn only, and is NOT playable in the Reaction Stack.

Armor is unique per piece, so once you have equiped a Chest on a Champion it may not have another Chest equiped.


Weapons will give your Champions a benefit while they are Equiped.

Weapons act much like Armor but come in 3 forms; 1H, 2H, Ranged.

Weapons are playable during your turn only, and are NOT playable in the Reaction Stack.

Weapons of the Ranged Type may only be used by Ranged Type Champions.

Weapons have the following restrictions for equiping;

  • 2H Weapon Types take both weapon slots
  • 1H Wespon Types take a single weapon slot
  • Ranged Weapon Type takes both weapon slots, unless otherwise stated on the Card

Board Item

Board Items have special rules based on the type of Board Item.

All Board Items are playable during your turn only, and are NOT playable in the Reaction Stack.

All Board Items can not be responded to.


  • Generators are only playable in an Open Space within the fist two rows on your side of the Board
  • Generators will increase your MAX AP by the stated amount
  • Generators can be destroyed when their HP is reduced to or below 0
  • Generators cannot be moved once placed, unless otherwise stated on the Card


  • Traps are only playable in an Open Space
  • Traps require a Champion to be placed, and have a stated placement Range on each Card
  • Traps will Trigger based on the Card, and will be discarded once the Event Resolves


  • Buildings are only playable in an Open Space
  • Buildings are playable anywhere as stated on each Card
  • Buildings can be destroyed when their HP is reduced to or below 0
  • Building Effects will be active on the Champions that are with the stated Range


Champions are the primary core to the game, as they will be your metric of winning or losing.

Champions have a Battle Point Cost, this is how much they cost to Draft.

Champions have the following in-game metrics;

  • Shield: When damage is dealt to a Champion it is first dealt to the Sheild, unless otherwise stated, it may be modified
  • HP: When damage is dealt to a Champion and no shield is available or HP damage is dealt the HP is reduced, this value may not be modified from it's MAX value
  • Attack: When the Attack Command is given this is the Amount of Damage that the Champion will do, it may be modified.
  • Moves: When moving a Champion on the Baord each turn this will be the MAX Moves allowed by the Champion, it may be modified
  • Actions: Each turn a Champion is allowed to preform 2 Commands, and no Command can be given twice

Once a Champion has 0 or less HP they are put into the Graveyard.

Having no Champions on the Board will lose you the game.

Champions have 5 possible locations;

  • Bench: When you select a Champion, until they are on your Active Team, they are on the Bench
  • Team: When your Champion is on the Active Team, but not yet in play
  • In Play: When the Champion is on the Board they are considered in play
  • Graveyard: When a Champion has 0 or less HP they are put into the Graveyard, sometimes you may be able to leverage Champions in this location
  • Out of Play: This is a similiar location to that of Graveyard with 2 exceptions;
    • First and main one is that no Champion can be targeted in this location
    • Second some cards will put Champions into this location and return them to play, if this is not the case then the Champion is lost in the Out of Play location

Game Board

The Game Board is a square 11x11 grid

The first 2 Rows on each players side is considered their Home Area

The Home Area is where Generators are played or any Board Item that requires the Home Area

When moving aroudn on the Board the diagonal moves are counted as 2 spaces

Game Draft

At the start of each Game players will Roll and the winner selects to Draft or Play first.

Each player will have a Battle Point pool to use for buying a Champion to Draft.

Battle Points are set before the game begins and will determine how large the game will be.

Once a player has spent all of their Battle Points, or decides to pass on drafting anymore, each player selects the Deck they would like to use for the Game

Once all players have selected thier Decks the game will begin.

Gameplay Detail

There are 2 Parts of the core gameplay; Initial Team Selection & Main Game.

During the Initial Selection phase of the Game you will select your Starting Team, if you have drafted over 5 Champions.

Once both players have finished the Initial Team Selection the Main Game begins.

The game will progress as each player takes turns, until one player wins.

Each turn is broken into 3 basic parts; Turn Start, Main Turn, End of Turn.

During the Turn Start;

  • Champion Shields are brought up to MAX, unless otherwise stated by a game effect/card

  • The Active Player's AP will be set to the current MAX value

The Main Game you will;

  • Place Champions on the Board, you can only do this if you have Champions on your Team but not in play.

  • The Active Player is able to, for each Champion, while the Champion has Actions available;
    • Move
    • Attack
    • use Ability
    • play Card

  • The Active Player is able to play Board Items.

  • Use the 3AP Turn Actoins once per turn;
    • Draw a Card
    • Roll a Generator